Greenselipar world wide (english)

YOU are

a Local Government and you want to foster a momentum around sustainability in your area to insure a better life for your communities. You want to improve your waste management system, the energy efficiency of your buildings, develop green buildings or eco-mobility and build a resilient city? Or you want to develop a sustainable peri-urban agriculture farming system connected to the city?
an NGO and you want to develop projects and programmes tackling environmental issues and promoting sustainability in urban or rural areas?
a Corporate and you want to engage your staff in a meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility?
a Consulting Company and you want to complete your team skills in Environment and Sustainable development?


You heard about sustainability and you are convinced that this is the right approach of development to implement in your project, area, programme… but you don’t know how to start or how to put this concept into practice?
You have to design a project that responds to issues relating to sustainable development and you need to define the objectives, action plans and identify the main actors?
You have to implement and monitor a programme involving various stakeholders?
You have to manage a multi disciplinary team and you need to keep each member motivated and involved in the long run?
You have to develop your activity regarding Environmental issues and Sustainability in Francophone countries, but you are not fluent in French?

WE can surely walk part of the way together

Contact us for talking about your project and how we can assist you.

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